Prepare For More Crazy High EPCs and Super Happy Customers – Just Like We Saw With The Original DesignoPro!

Presently There’s Even More From This Breakthrough Cloud App That Allows You To Edit Graphics and Images In Stunning Quality Using Modern Vector-Based Designs!

DesignoPro is a PROVEN HIT!

Not exclusively does it give you the capacity to alter any picture or realistic, including logos, flags, and box covers, with its 200 BRAND NEW pre-made layouts, however, you can likewise UPLOAD your own illustrations!

That gives your clients 400 layouts, to begin with!

200 from the first DesignoPro and 200 from DesignoPro 2.0

For the individuals who buy OTO1, they will get 300+ BRAND NEW premium improved the situation you illustrations PLUS 300 premium from DesignoPro for an aggregate of 600 Premium.

That is a TOTAL of 1,000 illustrations to begin off with when they buy OTO1 and the FE.

These are print-quality VECTOR designs that can be utilized as little as you require them and as substantial as a board, on the off chance that you require that, without mutilation or obscure!!

This effective, yet easy to-utilize programming has demonstrated itself as a workhorse for the individuals who utilize it routinely.

Our beta analyzers have put it through hell to ensure it is easy to use.

New illustrations are extraordinary – yet what else have we done to enhance this product to make it deserving of a Version 2 rather than only a refresh?

Take a gander at the examination graph underneath and see with your own eyes!

What are we doing SPECIAL for CURRENT MEMBERS of DesignoPro AND

What would you be able to improve the situation those CURRENT MEMBERS who are on YOUR rundown??

We will set up a prelaunch window for CURRENT MEMBERS to get in ahead of schedule at a SPECIAL cost for them. You can tell them from your messages to search for the SPECIAL LINK INSIDE THEIR MEMBER’S AREA.

The present individuals will at present be hardcoded to you for DesignoPro, along these lines, they will be hardcoded to you for DesignoPro 2 and you will get the credit and commissions for any product(s) they buy in DesignoPro2.

If it’s not too much trouble train CURRENT MEMBERS to sign into the Member’s Area to get the SPECIAL CODE for $10 off of ALL the items in the channel. They will need to utilize this SPECIAL CODE to overhaul the FE, and OTO1 and OTO2 or buy alternate items they might not have bought the last time.

Demonstrated High Conversions For You – An App That Sells ITSELF

The achievement of the first DesignoPro, the nature of the item, and the proceeded with help and refreshing that it has gotten from the engineers, in addition to the way that this product fills one of the BIGGEST specialties in IM with an eager crowd ought to be every one of the reasons that you have to join today as one of our associate accomplices and prepare to advance beginning Dec. 10.

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